thredUP is the world’s largest online thrift shop with over 40,000 fashion brands for women and kids.

I was part of the web growth team and the mobile app team. Most of my work was on the iOS and Android platform, which consisted of 3 engineers and myself, which gave me the opportunity to take lead. The product design team included me and another designer, where we both worked on different projects individually from concept to release, but would share our work regularly for design reviews.

Project Overview

thredUP is an e-commerce marketplace for used clothing. Since each item is unique, users have 24hrs to make a purchase after an item has been added to their cart. After 24hrs, the item is dropped from the cart and users will have to look for it again. The purpose of this design is to help users save that item so they no longer have to look for it. What we did here is added the ability to save an item on the product listing page, another page to view all of your saved items, and a way to easily add those items back to your cart.


The Design Process



From user surveys, we discovered that this is a highly requested feature and that it would help them accomplish their goals. From user interviews, we commonly heard that they would take screenshots or bookmarks of those items and come back to them later when they are ready to purchase, which shows a pain point in their shopping experience. I also used data to find out if users tend to go back to add those dropped items back to their cart, which shows this could be an opportunity for conversion.



I brainstorm different ideas through wireframes and I’ll look at our competition to see how they are doing it. I also create a user flow with different scenarios and a prototype to see how the interaction would work and if they solve for various user needs. Some flows to think through were what happens if they do not have any favorited items yet and how can we show them they can add their favorite items back to their cart. I then share these with engineers/PM’s/designers for feedback.

Heart-PLP 19.gif

Polishing It Up

Once the direction is approved, I focus on the details, from the visual design to the specs. I refer to the style guide to ensure consistency and I explore new paths, such as animated micro-interactions. I share my work with the team to incorporate feedback.



After a prototype is made, I conduct usability testing in the office and with a few users to validate the designs and do A/B testing on different favoriting symbols. Once engineers build it, I look over it to ensure it matches the design. After it’s released, I check it again and look at the metrics, which came to be a 15% increase in engagement.



Some of the challenges I faced in this project were:
- Where to show a heart and in what way that's intuitive for users?
- Do users understand what the heart and # means?
- The add-to-cart button is originally a full-width rectangle on the bottom. How do we add another CTA and make it look cohesive together? Do we need to make tradeoffs to the header and image in order to make room for the new CTA?

I believe long term this feature would lead to an increase in purchases since users can now have a place to easily view all of the items that they like. Short term, I’m positive it has made the user experience of shopping much better.


Other Work

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 1.42.26 AM.png

Recently Removed Items

Added items that have been dropped from cart to encourage users to consider purchasing.

Bottom Nav Portfolio.png

Bottom Navigation

Redesigned icons and helped decide what was the most important access points in the navigation.

Seller History Portfolio.png

Seller History

Created a way to view all the items a user has sold and how to edit the listing price of those items.


Refer a Friend

Updated old designs by making it responsive on mobile and more usable.


Returning an Item (wireframes)

Provided a way for users to return an item and track their order.



Helped new users learn more about thredUP after installing the app.


Launch Screen

Redesigned the intro screen so it can have a unified look across platforms.


Sign Up

Added delightful and easier-to-use interactions.